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Peruvian Amazon 3 days / 2 nights

  • Day 1 Arrival Puerto Maldonado / Inkaterra Amazon Reserve

    Reception at Puerto Maldonado airport by lodge staff and help with your luggage. After that you will be taken to the jetty and given a brief introduction to the town of Puerto Maldonado and its surrounding areas. You will then go abroad for a 45 minute trip on the River Madre de Dios through the beautiful low jungle of the Amazon, until you reach the rainforest around Inkaterra Amazon Reserve. If you have additional luggage you do not require at the lodge, you can leave it in the lodge or at the Inkaterra office in Puerto Maldonado. Arrival at the lodge and welcome by the staff, who will talk about the Inkaterra lodge rules, safety and timetables so that you can arrange your excursion itinerary and be assigned your respective cabin. Buffet lunch in the main dining room. Tea time followed by afternoon excursions. Path system. Guided walk along several tracks in the environmental reserve, in order to observe the different types of vegetation, insects and birds of the area. Interpretation of the ecosystems of the primary and secondary forest, its components, the way in which they are used and transformed by man, and their importance for the world. The river at sunset. A boat trip on the River Madre de Dios to see how the environment changes with the going down of the sun and to experience nightfall in the tropical forest. Animals and birds are replaced by nocturnal species such as alligators, owls, atajacaminos and capibaras. Our ´jungle at sunset´ excursion is available as an alternative. Presentation on the natural life of the area by the guides-interpreters attached to the Inkaterra Lodge at the Eco-Centre. Cocktail and buffet dinner in the lodge´s main dining room. Relax on the terrace of your picturesque cabin before going to bed.

  • Day 2 Inkaterra Amazon Reserve

    Wake early to see dawn over the River Madre de Dios. Buffet breakfast with eggs, cereals, local fruit and fresh bread. Meet in the eco-center before starting the morning excursion. Canopy and aguajales. A five minute boat trip to the Inkaterra Canopy Interpretation Centre. Ascent of the first tower, 45 metres (150 ft.) above the ground. Spend an hour and a half walking across the system of 7 hanging walkways (344 meters long) between the tops of the trees, where you can see different types of trees, orchids, toucans, woodpeckers and, with luck, several species of monkey. Later, a 30 minute walk will take you to the aguajales for an explanation of this ecosystem. Other excursions are also available to Rolin Island, Lake Sandoval and Concepción. Buffet lunch and siesta to restore your energy. Tea time followed by afternoon excursions. Lake Sandoval. 40 minute boat trip to Tambopata National Reserve. 3 km walk. (1.8 miles) lasting 1 hour, in primary forest as far as Lake Sandoval. This is a great opportunity to see the whole of this exuberant ecosystem and the exceptional views that the lake offers. Other alternatives include excursions to Concepción and Rolin Island. Presentation on nature in the eco-centre. Cocktail and buffet dinner. Stay the night in the lodge´s cabins.

  • Day 3 Inkaterra Amazon Reserve/ Puerto Maldonado

    Buffet breakfast. Check-out of the lodge. Help with your luggage on the hour and a half trip upriver to Puerto Maldonado. Visit to the Inkaterra butterfly sanctuary next to Puerto Maldonado airport, the only one in Peru, where you will see a large variety of endemic butterflies. Dozens of Peru´s more than 3,800 species have been preserved and bred in the laboratory. Help with luggage and check-in for your flight to Cusco or Lima. End of our services.

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