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Amazon (Brazil): Explore the Amazon´s Wildlife

The Amazon River is the largest and most plentiful river of its basin in the earth. Its length of 6.756 km, exceed the river Nile. The waterway of Amazon has more than 1.000 tributary rivers, with more than 25 branches that are over the 1.000 km length. The river has its source in the nearby of Nauta, Peru, in the junction of Marañon and Ucayali rivers. By entering Brazil, it has a stretch known as Solimoes river, up to the junction with the Black river, in Manaos. Waters down, the river recovers its name of Amazon.

To get a better sight of its tributaries, the waterway of Amazon river has five stretches: Ucayali – Amazon – Solimoes – Amazon.

Amazonian jungle is the biggest in the world and has a very important ecological value: its bio-mass absorbs large quantities of carbon dioxide. The Amazon and its tributaries flow at low rhythm, because of the gradient plane: Manaos, at 1600 km from the Atlantic, is only at 44 o.s.l. the biodiversity of the Amazonian jungle is truly impressive: with 2 million species of insects, dozens of thousands of plants and over 2.000 birds and mammals: a fifth of all the species of birds on earth are in Amazon.

Amazonian jungle constitutes the tenth part of all the woods in the world. The air we breathe is purified mostly in the Amazon because of the plants of the forest in two ways: by delivering oxygen product of the division of the water molecule, that is left of the photosynthesis and assimilating carbon dioxide and carbonic acid to form the necessary carbohydrates for its growing. The large volume of carbon dioxide originated by the decomposition of organic material, vegetal and animal, when it dies, is eliminated as gas and the other converts in carbonic acid, causing a high acidity on forests and savannas soils.

Get on board of the cruises that sail along the Amazon and Negro River waters, going deep into absolutely virgin and enigmatic natural scenery!

Amazon Clipper Cruise

The Amazon Clipper Company gives guests the best way to enjoy the Amazon: on the water and integrated with the environment.

Ships offer exceptional comfort and have a relation price-quality very recommendable. Navies were designed to sail specially the Amazon River, making the most of the years of vast experience making this boats ideals to travel this waters.

They have private bathroom and air conditioner during the night. The social life in the Amazon Clipper takes part in the deck room. There is a bar also, a dining room, a book collection and an incredible view. The kitchen of the ships is highly equipped and with a formidable supply of mineral water. The superficial hulls of these ships make us sail in hard zones that other ships of biggest size cannot entry.

Itinerary Options:

  • 2 night packages: Mondays to Wednesdays (A)
  • 3 night packages: Wednesdays to Saturdays (B)
  • 5 night packages: Mondays to Saturdays (C)



  • Ships

    It is offered two types of fleet: Traditional (regional boats) and Premium (regional boats specially designed with more spacious cabins). The boats are comfortable with inviting public spaces, but small enough to dock at remote spots and cruise to hidden locations.


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